Happy Women’s Day

In a world that wants women to whisper, I choose to Yell.- Luvvie Ajayi

Today’s history- Wikipedia

National Women’s Day is a South African public holiday celebrated annually on 9 August. The day commemorates the 1956 march of approximately 20,000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country’s pass laws that required South Africans defined as “black” under The Population Registration Act to carry an internal passport, known as a passbook, that served to maintain population segregation, control urbanisation, and manage migrant labour during the apartheid era.[1] The first National Women’s Day was celebrated on 9 August 1995.[2] In 2006, a reenactment of the march was staged for its 50th anniversary, with many of the 1956 march veterans.

The women of 1956 may be gone but their struggle will never be forgotten. These women were courageous. They proved that women are indeed powerful.

As we’re celebrating this day, May we remember their bravery. The struggle faced by women of today isn’t the same as the struggle of 1956 but the struggle continues.

Dear Woman reading this,

You’re the backbone of the society. You’re strong and Capable. Don’t doubt yourself because you’re beautiful. You worth more than a second thought .

May you always remind yourself that you’re a queen , even without a king.

I wish you a Happy Women’s day 💗

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Women appreciation post

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. -Michelle Obama

August being a women’s month, My beloved Khanyi is sending love to a woman reading this post right now. You’re strong. You’re ravishing. You’re worthy. You’re incredible. You’re a queen.

Women must be celebrated. This is something that must become a norm, not something that we only see on women’s month. Women are the strongest people in the world. They really deserve to be called Imbokodo ( a rock).

Being a woman isn’t easy. You suffer from unbearable period pains every month. You Experience hormonal changes and heavy bleeding , but still you continue with the duties of being a woman. You show up at work regardless of the pain.

Believe me when I say, being a woman isn’t easy. You carry a child for 9 months and suffer from labor pains. You mother a child that grow into a beautiful woman and a handsome man. Being a women comes with pain of sometimes losing a child . This pain is a type of pain that’s more felt by a mother than a father.

Being a woman also comes with a pain of being infertile, but still you hold your head up because you know it doesn’t make you less of a woman.

Being a woman in nowadays comes with a lot of responsibilities. Gone are those days when a woman would stay at home and let their husband’s be the providers. Gone are those days where a home was headed by a man. In nowadays, you would find homes headed by women not by choice, but forced by circumstances.

Gone are those days when a child was raised by both parents. In nowadays, some women are raising children on their own while fathers are enjoying their lives somewhere.

Women must be celebrated for their countless efforts ensuring that a house feels like a home. They must be celebrated for the sacrifices they make to raise a child. Being a woman isn’t easy, but here you’re still standing.

Happy women’s month 💓.

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Men deserve Happiness too

Love is a two -way street constantly under construction.-Carrol Bryant

As we will be wrapping up men’s month this weekend, I think it’s important to emphasize that men are important too. They have feelings too, and they deserve happiness.

In a relationship both partners have an important role to play. Both partners must be there for each other. As much as women love to be spoiled , it’s not a crime to spoil your man. You’re not committing a crime by buying a gift or gifts for your man or taking him out. buying gifts in a relationship doesn’t mean you should do it only on special occasions. Love itself is a special occasion.

Men encounter a lot of challenges and usually they don’t talk about them. Use every opportunity you find to show him love. Be his peace and a place that calm his soul. Make him feel special by loving him they way he deserve to be loved.

I just wish and pray that women stop treating or viewing men as ATM’s or fidelity cars. Is there a contract that force men to take care the financial issues of a women not voluntarily? Can someone tell me , on which bill of rights is written that men should pay a girlfriend allowance?

Before demanding a girlfriend allowance from your boyfriend, do you even consider the fact that he has needs too? Do you even think about his responsibilities? Do you even think that he’s someone’s son before he’s your boyfriend?

Ladies, Can you please give someone’s son a chance to breathe. Allow him to enjoy his money in peace. Let him spoil you not just because you demanded him to do so. I’ve heard a lot of women saying that they will never date a broke guy. Like really? a broke guy while you don’t even have that amount of money you expect him to give you. Women would be like, ” I will never go to a cheap restaurant with my boyfriend, I want to be in a fancy one'”.

You want to be in a fancy restaurant with whose money? Is it your treat or someone’s child is trying his best? Ladies, can you please be reasonable. Consider you man’s financial status before making any demands.

Dear Man reading this,

I am reaching out to you ,to let you know that it’s okay to cry. in Zulu they say “Indoda ayikhali”, meaning a man doesn’t cry. Whoever invented these phrases must withdraw them. These phrases has killed our nation. They have destroyed men’s mentality.

I want you to know that, showing your emotions doesn’t mean you’re weak. Being brave doesn’t mean you can never be weak or get hurt. Showing emotions , shows that you’re a human being. Your voice mattes.

Never be afraid to speak your truth and leave a relationship where you’re not valued. Never be afraid to speak about your abusive relationship so that you’ll heal and get advices . Never be afraid to say no, when it comes to your money. last but not least, Speak out especially when you’re going through a rough patch . Seek help from the right people.

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Considering Men’s emotions

Treat your man with the same respect he gives you. Respect his feelings.-Unknown

Last week we asked, what would be the habits that women practice and have men dishonoring? To be frank, I was hoping that men will use this opportunity to express their feelings. The rest of you may disagree, but I, for one , believe that much more needs to be done on the issue of encouraging men to speak out or express their feelings, especially on things done by women that hurt their feelings.

As we’re still celebrating men’s month, I would really appreciate to have more men sharing their relationship issues with me. This week our focus is on Men’s emotions. I just want to know if Men’s emotions in a relationship are considered or ignored? If not, what’s that needs to be done to right those wrongs.

I am happy to share with you a view of a man on things men should cease to do.


These type of men have really diminish the real meaning of a relationship. I wouldn’t blame them for this , but both genders should account on this issue. Now, not to shift my focus on men that tolerates spoiled women.

These men lack self esteem and high morals but are confident men. This create an confusion to them, as they end up thinking they have high self esteem while they’re trying to boost it all along. I would say these men fail to use their charm or a find a better way to be with that particular woman. Failing to use their charm , lead them to give a woman what she wants without any second thoughts.

They don’t even bond to certain levels which are not attached to material things. The happiness in a relationship is materialistic associated and feeding the woman cravings as a way of love. The structure of what’s to be done in a relationship fades away, Yet feelings always remain deep and only crave deeper bonds that goes beyond feeding cravings.

No wonder women always feel like something is missing, because these spoiled women will always feel unsatisfied for some reasons, even though they seem happy. They can’t figure out what’s missing because to them happiness means tangible things. Feelings needs deeper bonds beyond materialism.

A human being can’t be satisfied. I mean, women who are in a relationship with deeper bonds, tend to crave for what spoiled women get from their men and it goes visa versa .

Not to shift our focus from these couples, I just want to connect how this also affects the next person who will be involved in any away with these men who tolerates spoiled women.


As she will feel incomplete, obviously she’ll have an unstable relationship and may need to vent. Now as her friend, she may not want materialistic things from you but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a spoiled brat. She will want all your attention, even if you have issues of your own that requires your attention.

She will boss you up into listening to her only side of things that don’t need your advice or attention. Most often they need your advice and as a caring friend you play your part, only to find that it was a waste of time and energy.

This issues takes us back to things men dislike about women. They’re too self centered for their own good. Here’s my advice to this.

Women should learn to heal from things that hurt them in the past. They should let their healing start from within, and that’s growth.

Most often I’ve given advice to women who prefer it as an advice coming from themselves. When you’re in a way of her healing, you’re spoiling them without knowing. You’re doing exactly what these low self esteem men do. Giving her all she wants. All you’re trying to do is to ‘Help’, exactly like how these low self esteem men. When laying a helping hand, you think you’re doing the right thing by giving her what she needs, but women need to face the reality or be realistic.

The men spoiling these women need a reality check of their own. Also friend who are trying to help, need to face the reality too and move away from these type of women because it’s not really their problem if it’s fiction. Refusing to spoil someone isn’t bad, it’s away of helping them to face the reality.

Thank you so much anonymous for sharing this useful information with us. You can also do the same by leaving your comment below or inbox me.

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Dear Men, You’re loved.

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.-Epictetus

How can we forget all the good things men have done into our lives? How can we not show gratitude and love them the way they deserve to be loved? How do we even forget that men have feelings too?

Dear Man reading this,

Thank you for your loyalty and kindness. Thank you for prioritizing and loving your family. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for your loved ones and still making. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you for protecting us. Being the head of the family isn’t a child game, For that you deserve a crown.

Thank you for being our peace and joy. Thank you for showing us that real men still exist. May you continue with your kindness and pure intentions. I pray that you do not lose or forget that you also have feelings while loving and being there for us.

July being a men’s month, I thought I should remind you that you’re important and loved.

Since it’s men’s month , we’re doing things differently. I’m giving you a platform to speak your mind. Let your voice and thoughts be heard.

I would like to know, What would be the habits that women practice and have men dishonoring?


  • The fake perfection impression
  • The imaginary image of a relationship vs the real relationship they’re in that challenges their unrealistic perception.
  • The negative impact of imaginary relationship[ Controlive ] Trying to make your partner fit into your imaginary relationship.
  • The habit of being spoiled.
  • Poor communication.
  • unfair treatment. Women would reject you everything including passion, food , communication and attention just because they couldn’t get what they wanted. When the relationship fail, they shift the blame forgetting all their wrongdoings.

These are just what I’ve picked up , but the list is endless. It seems like girls only want things their way and only their way , no compromises.

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Dear Readers

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Henceforth, we will be updating our blog twice a month. New post for the blog will be available Next week Wednesday.

Ngiyabonga, Ke a leboga kudu, Dankie, Ndza nkhensa, Ndo livhuwa, Enkosi, Ngiyathokoza, Ke a leboga…..Thank you.

Our love journey continues!!

Let bygones be bygones

To dwell on the past simply causes failure in the present. – Martyn Lloyd- Jones

We’re still unpacking the core reasons for the on and offs relationships. There are numerous reasons behind these relationships. You all aired your views or opinion about this matter. I’ll try to unpack them by focusing on your comments.

Based on your comments, someone mentioned failed relationships as one of the core reasons for relationship fluctuations. Well I totally agree. The mistake that people often do, is to enter into a new relationship without fully closing the doors of the past. You enter into a new relationship with the scars of the past. That’s not acceptable. Make sure that you close the door behind you before you open the new one.

It’s important that you heal first. Those who knows say ” Allow yourself to Feel the pain. Feel it until you can’t feel it anymore”. Giving yourself enough time to heal will enable you to love fully without holding back your feelings.

Being in a relationship is more like taking a risk. A risk that has no assurance of good or bad outcome or results. We all have no idea of what our future holds, but we’re still living and praying for better days to come. So as love and relationship. A success of a relationship can never be guaranteed. When you’re in a relationship you can’t have an assurance that it will last or not.

Having no assurance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in a relationship. We live by believing that things will work out some day. If they don’t work out as you wanted them to, it’s okay. A failed relationship isn’t the end. You know why? The end could be the beginning , and beginning could be the end.

Love isn’t for the weak. Love requires you to be able to pick up the broken pieces and build up with someone else. Love is all kind of things both good and bad. At the end of the day love is everything because love conquers all.

Let the failed relationship be a lesson instead of a barrier that prevents you to love again. I’ve heard a lot of being saying they’re no longer interested in being a relationship. Being hurt so many sometimes is the reason behind those thoughts. What I would say to you is that, Don’t deny yourself joy or happiness. Just because your heart have been broken it doesn’t mean it can’t love anymore. Give yourself some time to heal properly before you give up.

Never make the mistake of starting a new relationship with the wounds of the past. Wounds of the past will make you to compare your partner with your ex. You’ll begin to have expectations. You’ll begin punishing someone’s child for other peoples mistakes.

My darling , Relationships needs you to focus in the moment of time. Be present and forget about your past. Relationships do fail because love is a journey. A journey that can have bumpy roads and potholes. Love is like a full time job that requires your efforts. Your time, commitment, communication and respect.

Forget about the past. Focus in the now, today, the moment you’re in. Open up yourself to new relationships. If they fail , they fail. Forget about ” What if it doesn’t work out”. Just try and see where it goes. Love is full of surprises both good and bad.

I pray that you find the love that you deserve. I pray the you experience how it feels like to be loves truly.

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Forsakenness leads to Hopelessness

Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re right there. -Unknown

Last week our focus was based on finding the core reason for the on and off relationship. it appears to me that giving you a platform to participate and to be frank about the reason behind fluctuations in a relationship was a good call. Based on your comments, I’ve discovered that are lots of reasons that leads to these situation -ships.

I won’t fall silent about how beautiful love is. Love is more alluring when the feeling is mutual. I am saying this because, it seems like we’ve changed love into something I can’t even explain or find better words to describe it. Being hurt continuously has led some of you to forget how it feels like to be loved and love back without holding back.

Penny for your thoughts, How do you love someone without loving yourself?, How do you expect to be seen when you don’t even recognize yourself?, How do you expect someone to accept you when you reject yourself?, How do you even think about getting approval when you deny yourself an opportunity to love and accept yourself for who you’re ?

Self love is very important. Imagine losing yourself in a process of loving and impressing someone else. It all begin with you . Be so selfish in such way that it’s you before everything or everyone. Being loved is what many people wish for. It’s a great feeling to be loved , but it should be a bonus or come second.

On your comments someone said, “We have gone so desperate for love that we end hitting ourselves on every wall looking for what needs to find us”. This comment reminded me of how some of you have gone desperate seeking what is inside them. Lack of self love has led you to be desperate. Desperation is produced by loneliness.

Failing yourself will lead you to depend on being loved by someone else. You’ll begin to think, you can’t live without them. You’ll think you will never find someone like them. To hell with ” I can’t live without thing”. Everyone is replaceable and can be replaced.

I fail to understand the “I can’t live without thing”. I mean , were you not living before you met them? Were you not breathing before you met them?

Can we stop polluting our minds with lies and doubts, and feed it with love or self love. When you’re lonely you become desperate and end up tolerating things you shouldn’t. When you suffer from these two things, you become an easy target for players. People will come and go as it pleases them into your life.

Last but not least, It’s okay to be single. You’re not lonely but you’re single. Find yourself first and heal before love finds you. Enjoy your own company. Forget about what people are saying or think of you.

Never allow people to treat you like trash because you’re a treasure darling. Love those who loves you for who you’re and the way you deserve to be loved.

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The Relationship Fluctuations

Sometimes I push you away because I need you to pull me closer.-Unknown

This week we’re doing things differently. I’m giving you an opportunity to participate freely. I want us to have an conversation let’s talk about those On -and-Off relationships. Relationships where both partners hardly communicate but they make sure that they meet once in a while. Relationships where both partners behave like they’re not dating when they’re not together. I mean those relationships where both partners sometimes behave as if they’re strangers.

We can’t shy away from the fact that love tends to fluctuate over the years and the months. Some would say even in one day or an hour, love can and does fluctuate.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation, Know someone who has been there or maybe you’re in this situation as we speak. Even if you’ve never been in this situation , I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts? What do you think is the core reason behind the On-and Off Relationships?

You can share your thoughts by leaving your comment below or you can inbox me on our Facebook page. We respect your privacy. If you want to comment as anonymous, you’re more than welcome.

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Unforeseen intentions of Love

You are the love that came without warning; You had my heart before I could say No.- Unknown

We live in a world where change is possible and neccessary. When it comes to love, nothing is guaranteed. Love is full of astonishments, both good and bad.

There are people who are, or have been in a relationship with clear intentions from the beginning but none of them were achieved. There are also those who entered into a relationship with no intentions, simple love but love has left them astounded.

There are no rules when it comes to love. Love knows no boundaries. Love has its own ways of finding you even when you’ve given up. Love can make you feel things you never felt and thought you would. I mean things you vowed not to do.

People are not the same, so as their intentions. Some gets into a relationship with a bucket of intentions. Some don’t want to even think about intentions, they just want to love and be loved back. With or without intentions, things can change . When we fall in love, it’s our hearts that choose the person. When the heart wants what it wants there’s nothing you can do or say.

People have been hurt in such a way that the damage has polluted their heart and mind. They believe they can n longer settle down with someone or one person.

With all that being said, I want you to know that intentions can take a wrong turn. I mean love can break the rules you made. You can date someone with no intentions of marrying them, and find yourself changing your mind. Never say “I would never do that” especially if you’re still in the dating thing.

There are relationship that began with “No strings attached “but some of those people are now life partners.

Now here’s the painful part. The part that has led you to give up in love.

You can enter into a relationship with the aim of marrying your partner and grow old with them , only to end up with a broken heart. Yes, these things do take place and it’s part of life. You can love someone who doesn’t love you back the way you want them to.

Beginning a relationship with intentions, it doesn’t mean you’ll achieve them. Having none also doesn’t mean your relationship is going no where. The most important thing you shouldn’t do , is to force love. Believe me ,when you force love you’ll end up getting hurt.

Love is a beautiful thing. Love is a feeling that takes you into places you’ve never been. Love feels more good when the feeling is mutual.

Open up your heart. Have those intentions if you want to. It’s also okay not to have one. If your intentions goes wrong, whether in a good or bad way, don’t be afraid. Commit yourself into that relationship if you feel like doing so. Enjoy the feeling and the moment.

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